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The Bob Burt Overdrive was designed by a guitar player for guitar players. The most notable characteristics of the BBOD are transparency - increased lows - reduced mids - high output and full tone sweep taking you from the brown sound to the twin sound. Transparency allows the pure sound of your guitar to be heard without added tones. Increased lows solves the problem so many overdrives have which is a thin bright sound when you engage them. The BBOD maintains the low end and eliminates loss of depth and tone. Reduced mids decreases the nasal tones and compression generally found in other overdrives. High output allows the player to get the desired volume at a much lower setting, thus reducing noise and making the pedal very quiet. The tone control on the BBOD goes from a darker brown sound to a bright twin sound with the turn of a knob. You will not find clipping switches on the BBOD for one reason. These features are unusable “on the fly”.  Great care has been taken to voice this pedal for optimum tone and clarity.

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